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Our expert IT consultants are valuable resources when planning or executing IT infrastructure upgrades and network alterations- contact us to learn more about how we can help!

As a business owner or company executive manager, your business is always looking for ways to improve your IT. Our experience has taught us that many businesses experience consistent struggles and need better leverage and efficiencies in your IT. By integrating planned improvements and updates into your existing system, your business operations will generally have a better outcome. The problem you have, as we understand, is identifying what improvements and updates are necessary. These improvement and upgrades to operations and process management are solved with professional IT consulting.

We find the best way to approach the problem is in a five-step process:

While it appears to be a straightforward approach, there are many details to consider.


The best place to begin a partnership with our IT experts is by setting up a free on-site consultation. IT consultants are a valued resource for utilizing and deplooying technology to gain an edge against your competitors and improve operational efficiency.


Step 1 begins with an understanding of the goals and objectives for your company. From there, our consultant completes a comprehensive audit and prepares an IT roadmap. The purpose of network mapping is actually two-fold:

  • First, to provide a map of all IT in order to make informed decisions
  • Second, to facilitate quick troubleshooting and repairs when necessary

The IT roadmap includes the total environment including networks, hardware, and software. It will also address passwords and security strategies, tools, and hardware.


Step 2 is complex, filled with minute details and options. Our IT consulting services include a systems analysis of the network, servers, and system configurations as well as a review of internal and external security measures. Network administration and employee devices are included in the audit. The analysis will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as necessary infrastructure updates to bolster IT security and align everything your business growth objectives. Once identified, our IT consultants present viable solutions and provides objective recommendations.


Step 3 is the point where it becomes very real- you weigh the recommendations against the needs and goals desired. The Catapult Tech Solutions IT consultant can provide high level virtual CIO services. Possible solutions are assessed from both IT and business standpoints. We present solutions from both viewpoints, prioritizing them beginning with those that are critical and urgent. Our team will have the information and answer any questions in order for you to make a decision. During this time, we’ll addresses the issue of life cycle management in relation to future updates and a schedule for replacement of equipment.


Step 4 is where you take advantage of Catapult Tech Solutions’ buying power. With our vendor relationships and volume buying, we offer you significant cost savings. In addition, our consultant will act on your behalf with vendors. We take care of the details and act as the middleman between your organization and vendors.


Step 5 culminates the process with the exciting changes. The consultant oversees the implementation of the plan for you. We can manage the installation and optimization of new hardware and software. Changes are introduced to staff and we’ll ensure to update the IT roadmap to reflect the new, current configurations.

In other words, the Catapult Tech Solutions Consulting team walks alongside your business and IT administrators through the entire process. By the end, you will not only have an updated system ready to move your business into the future, you will also have documentation and network mapping from which to launch future audits and updates.

Information technology consulting services are as comprehensive in order to provide your business with the expertise and knowledge you need to make technology decisions.

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