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We perform wireless networking installations and wireless networking consulting services to companies in the Bloomington, IN area. Our wireless networking support team can help your organization troubleshoot, configure, and optimize your wireless networking setup. Contact our professionals today to get started!

Our professional experience coupled with knowledge and expertise keeps Catapult Tech Solutions ahead of the game in the field of wireless networking. We have deployed multiple networking projects ranging from small businesses to multi-location enterprises with success and timely executions.

If you need advanced networking services – installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting wired and wireless solutions – we can help your organization ensure your wireless network meets the needs of your business operations.

We have well established partnerships with leading wireless network device providers that provide reliable network performance and fast transfer rates. If you are planning to upgrade to more reliable networking devices, we can help you set it up and secure a wholesale price.

Wireless Networking Installations Done Right

Common wireless networking issues arise when there’s a lack of proper planning or the initial installation of wireless networking devices wasn’t designed to meet the demands of the premises. Our wireless networking consulting services can help your team promptly resolve these issues.

  • Configuration Issues – Having trouble at connecting to the network stems from the wrong configuration – whether from the central device or through each wireless device.
  • Wireless Security Issues – Securing wireless entry points help lessen vulnerabilities that would lead to greater damages. Through proper wireless security, network leaks and DDOS attacks can be prevented.
  • Network Expansion issues – Adding a new user, if not handled well can bog down the entire network. We can help you with this – though a managed wireless solution we have developed over the years.
  • Access Point Issues – Your router coverage might not be enough for the space you need for the whole company. Our specialists can track down weak access point coverage and reposition it to lessen blind spots that would impair the wifi coverage.

Don’t let wireless networking issues rob your business of time, money, and employee resources spent  repeatedly troubleshooting connectivity issues- partner with Catapult Tech Solutions today for a reliable wireless networking solution!

Whether your wireless system was installed prior to your occupancy of your location or was installed recently we can help you identify and resolve and dead spots and connectivity issues.

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