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The 4 Most Important Telecommuting Security Services

Telecommuting security services are many business’s top priority right now, with millions of Americans currently working from home full time. Protecting your company from cyberattacks is more critical than ever. Virtual attackers can steal personal and highly sensitive company information. Worse, these security breaches can cause total loss of data. Professional IT security management systems help you maintain business as usual while protecting you and your employees from potential IT invasions.

Managed Security

As a thriving business, you must install preventive measures. You must also be proactive in protecting your security systems. Even inside the four walls of your company’s building, there are access points that can be attacked via email intrusion, lack of firewalls, and unfiltered content. Protecting access points is even more critical now to safeguard telecommuting employees. You have to think about:

  • Automatic patching
  • Updates
  • Bandwidth
  • Content filtering
  • Web protection
  • Firewalls

With Catapult Tech Solutions’ Managed Security Services, your company is protected against potential threats, viruses, and data loss with 24/7 oversight.

Data Backup and Recovery

The only scenario worse than losing all your data is not being able to recover it. Without company oversight, you won’t know if or when employees have power outages, hardware failures, or spyware on their computer. During a disaster, your business could lose critical data, and without a backup plan, you’ll never be able to recover.

A compromised system is disastrous, especially if you’re working under HIPAA compliance requirements. Every minute your network is down, you’re losing money and possibly opening yourself up to lawsuits. However, with a data backup and recovery plan, you’ll have several layers of protection safeguarding your business from a sticky situation.

Mobile Device Management

If your employees are now working from home, it’s likely that they do at least some of their work via their mobile phone. In these situations, it’s critical to make sure data usage, apps, and voice roaming is being monitored. Have you thought about updates to mobile devices, or how to control the usage of blacklisted sites on a mobile device?

Mobile device management ensures security threat mitigation by allowing your business to expand to mobile devices while also managing extensive threats. Compromised mobile devices are a danger to your business. However, at Catapult Tech Solutions, we protect your devices and company by preventing intrusions and data leakage, and by enforcing authentication and providing data encryption. Our experts do all this and more to guarantee mobile devices are managed with professional help and guidance.

Cloud Services   

Cloud services are the most important component of telecommuting. If you’re concerned about constant backups and data loss, we’ve got you covered. We’ll set everything up to automatically back up all your data on systems stored safely off-site in secure environments. Ensuring you won’t lose one bit of essential information, Catapult schedules and monitors data flow and storage. You’ll never need to worry about data loss with our cloud services.

Our skilled team can also set you up with virtual desktop infrastructures so that your working-from-home employees have access to essential data no matter where they are. Additionally, electronic file sharing is a must, now that employees and employers are spread out across the globe. If you’re working in a collaborative environment, file sharing on our cloud services is essential.

Do you need more information on creating a disaster recovery plan or our cloud services? Call us today at (317) 350-8928, and we promise to transform your business to accommodate a world that’s transforming around us.

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