24/7 IT Support Services

Everyone loves technology and the speed and efficiency it
brings to our work and businesses.


24/7 IT Support Services

That is, we love it until there is a problem, which we all know is inevitable. It is just going to happen. That is the reason Catapult Tech Solutions offers 24/7/365 Remote IT Support. We are just a call away!

IT problems are never the same time after time. It could be a network problem, a connectivity problem, or something else, but whatever the problem, it is frustrating. For sure you don’t want work and progress stalled as you wait in limbo for a fix. Waiting comes with big costs, especially in time and that means money.

In addition, your customers might be inconvenienced, too. When your business is not available or your ecommerce system goes down, you could be losing potential customers and sales today and possibly tomorrow, too. Often your site will not get a second chance. It is so much easier for a visitor to click on to the next option. That hinders your success.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you will not be stuck in limbo watching the minutes turn to hours? It is possible because you CAN have expert technicians available on speed dial. The Catapult Tech Solutions 24/7 Help Desk is ready to quickly answer your call in a professional and confidential manner and get your problems solved.

24/7 IT Support Services mean you do not have to know what the problem is or where it is.

We understand that your employees are talented in their area of expertise, but they do not have to be tech savvy to get help and may need 24/7 IT support services. Our experts bring assistance to everyone because:

  • We know the questions to ask to be able to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution.
  • Our IT Support employs remote access and control to walk through the places we need to go to resolve an issue as quickly as possible.

That gives you the peace of mind knowing that a reliable source of help gets your business back up and running fast.

24_7 IT Support Services mean

The Catapult Tech Solutions 24/7 Help Desk provides
assistance in all technology areas.

We solve issues with workstation equipment, servers, network issues, and connectivity with apps or cloud services. That means you “know a guy” no matter what. We want the Catapult Tech Solutions 24/7 Help Desk to be your first stop when work stops in your business.

We are confident that you will be served well because these statistics about our 24/7 Help Desk do not lie:


Positive Feedback


Average Seconds on Hold


Minutes of Average Call Time
Network continuity

Network continuity is paramount to Catapult Tech Solutions.

Most help desk services operate on a break-fix model and some only during regular business hours. The Catapult Tech Solutions 24/7 Help Desk is ready to serve at a moment’s notice day or night because your success is important to us. It is not that we do not like to hear from you, we just want the IT in your business to hum along day after day without problems. We consider network continuity paramount.

Our model operates on a proactive basis. That is why we put an emphasis on Managed IT Services and Managed Security programs here at Catapult Tech Solutions. A vital component of these services includes an IT Roadmap, which includes

network mapping. We assemble critical information to facilitate quick troubleshooting and repairs. When we know your system, we service it faster and better if something goes wrong.

However, we want to be proactive and prevent downtime. With Catapult Tech Solutions Managed IT Services and Managed Security, your systems are monitored 24/7 365 days a year. Issues detected send immediate alerts to us about the problem, or potential or impending issue. We address the alert and your business continues along business as usual. In fact, you will most likely not even be aware of the danger that your system might go down.

Propelling Your IT Needs Forward

Catapult Tech Solutions has technology experts to provide 24/7 Remote IT Support because we believe your success is our success. We want your business running smoothly every hour of every day.

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