Cloud Services


Cloud Services

It is not a bad thing to put your head in the clouds when it comes to technology and your business. In fact, deciding to add cloud computing solutions to your operation is one of the best decisions you make. Catapult Tech Solutions offers businesses cloud computing solutions that effectively increase employee productivity and work efficiency. Cloud services are also an excellent strategy for protecting your data and systems in a secure environment at all times. In the end, you will do more with your data and eliminate worries with cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Services: Storage and Backup

The server in your business collects more data every minute of the day. You worry about keeping that data stored and secure. In fact, it is a critical concern. In the past, backups were time-consuming and a hassle. Not anymore.

Today, you can back up your systems and data in the cloud automatically. Backups are stored safely off-site in secure environments. Catapult Tech Solutions provides services that direct, schedule, and monitor your data flow and data storage. Therefore, you spend little time thinking about backups. Instead, you spend your time on your business.

However, data loss or system crashes happen. That is when Plan B comes to the rescue. Restore your system quickly with a Second Tier Backup as your Plan B. Specifically, a Second Tier Backup replicates your entire main server on an off-site server. For this reason, business operations resume in a matter of a few minutes and clicks. In truth, a Second Tier Backup in the cloud is a top strategy for reducing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Cloud Services_ Storage and Backup

Cloud Services: File Sharing

Electronic file sharing is a must-have for every business in this age of collaborative teamwork. You can easily manage it with Cloud Services. Catapult Tech Solutions has a variety of file sharing options available through cloud services. Files are put in the cloud for storage. They automatically update and sync as employees make changes. Even those employees working remotely or traveling have access to files stored in the cloud at any time in any place. Any device will work. Access is available through a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or the web. Consequently, everyone has access and works collaboratively regardless of physical location.

File sharing apps provide the security you need when it comes to the most sensitive files. In addition, administrators have the advantage of robust security and control features that allow them to:

Control which devices access which files

Give users access to specific files

Monitor and manage how employees use mobile devices

Audit and monitor file syncs and changes

Remotely wipe data from lost, stolen, or compromised devices

Employees are more collaborative and efficient in their work with file sharing. Accessing files is easy whenever and from wherever the employee is located. Furthermore, file sharing gives management the ability to monitor and control data, device use and workflow. Altogether, you worry less about device use, data loss, data corruption, or theft.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Catapult Tech Solutions is a certified Microsoft Master Reseller and Cloud Service Provider. Knowledge and experience has prepared us for licensing, migrating, implementing, and supporting all Microsoft products for your business, including  Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 subscriptions come with many benefits. First, every user is given access to the best productivity tools in the market, such as Excel® and Word ®.  Second, Hosted SharePoint provides a central file sharing option. In addition, the Outlook® email app is available through a hosted Microsoft Exchange. Another benefit is that all apps automatically update so you know your business is working with the most current and secure tools. This is one Cloud Service that definitely increases productivity.

Therefore, when you are ready to create a cohesive, productive environment for employees, think Microsoft Office 365 and Catapult Tech Solutions.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

Employees using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) have the option to travel or work remotely. Specifically because their desktop goes with them wherever they go, even without their personal device. In fact, their desktop is not on a desktop, laptop, or other device. Essentially, VDI is a desktop environment on a remote server setup on the cloud. A cloud server securely stores data and the employee accesses it directly from any device, anywhere in the world. A high-performance data center fully monitors and manages the hosted VDI environment. VDI gets you all the features associated with the data center.  For instance, some of the features include advanced security, high-end infrastructure, and a disaster recovery plan.

Potentially, VDI reduces costs for businesses with a large number of devices. Since you can access your VDI on most outdated hardware, hardware does not require replacement as often. Your business saves money because you extend the life of your hardware.

Catapult Tech Solutions offers a variety of Cloud Services options. Every business benefits from one or more. In addition, there are solutions that fit businesses in all industries and of all sizes. Your operation is more productive, efficient, and secure than ever before because you employ cloud services. In other words, it is a good decision and we are here to help you make it work.

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