IT Roadmap


IT Roadmap

The development of an IT roadmap is one of the most advantageous tasks you could undertake in any IT endeavor. The technology roadmap for your business or organization, simply put, lays out your entire technology system and the environment in which it operates. It shows the security measures in place, it shows the route of the connections and the path of data flow in your network. The IT roadmap facilitates two primary functions in your technology system:

  • Expediting troubleshooting and reducing downtime.
  • Providing the basis for planning.

An IT roadmap expedites troubleshooting and reduces downtime

When something occurs and your system goes down, the cause could be one of many different situations. It could be:

  • hardware failure such as a switch wearing out, a wire coming loose, or a cord being unplugged from outlet on the wall.
  • a security or software issue.
  • user error.
An IT roadmap expedites

In order to fix the problem and get you back up and running, it is best for our technicians to approach troubleshooting in a systematic manner. Time is always critical because every minute is costly. The IT roadmap provides a tool that allows us to be efficient in making necessary repairs.

Using this tool, we immediately know the “layout of the land.” It allows us to pinpoint the location where the most common causes are and assess those immediately. If those common issues are not the problem, we know the data path. This allows us to make checks of system at critical junctures in order to isolate the problem and address it as quickly as possible.

An IT roadmap allows us to provide the best service possible to reduce losses for your business. These situations are reactive and if corners have been cut to reduce costs, such as avoiding the creation of the roadmap, the costs of fixing the problem can quickly outweigh the initial cost.

An IT roadmap is an investment for troubleshooting and fixes. It is also an investment in the future.

An IT roadmap provides

An IT roadmap provides the basis for planning

In this instance, the technology roadmap becomes a strategic IT roadmap. It shows you the status of your technology assets at the current moment and identifies gaps and vulnerabilities. It provides a glimpse into future development. Therefore, you will have an operational tool that is also good for planning and meeting short-term and long-term needs.

Every technology system should be developed with an eye toward the future. It is good for the organization when the design is aligned with the current goals and potential opportunities for the business. You can be efficient and strategic in your planningbecause you can

  • identify, address, and eliminate gaps and vulnerabilities.
  • budget accordingly for incremental improvements.
  • simplify life cycle management because replacement needs are readily apparent.
  • accurately integrate IT initiatives that are comprehensive and complete in scope.

Your roadmap should encompass goals for the next three to five years. We suggest an annual review to alter and update the roadmap to align with new or changed direction of the business.

You can see how a technology roadmap is an important tool for your business now and in the future. It will help you to minimize risk, control costs, be flexible and agile in planning, and prepare more accurate budgets.

An IT roadmap is an opportunity for managing your business

What we have outlined above are the primary reasons why we encourage the creation of an IT roadmap. When reacting to problem situations, the IT roadmap is an essential tool. For troubleshooting and implementing fixes it reduces costs. For data backup and recovery, and, of course, disaster recovery, it is a critical element of returning to normalcy.

Simplify the process when planning for updating or expansion of your infrastructure. The snapshot of your technology environment provides the picture of where you are today and how to get to tomorrow.

An IT roadmap is an opportunity

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