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Here at Catapult Tech solutions we cannot talk about us without talking about you and your IT needs.

At Catapult Tech Solutions, we dedicate our work to providing powerful, efficient, and secure IT solutions that lay the foundation for growth and success in your business.

Our team of professionals become your IT department. We bring extensive IT knowledge and experience directly to you; without the expense of employees in-house.

We gear everything we do toward finding solutions to your IT and business problems.

Because our work is not centered about us, you can count on us to:


Stay informed and bring you new developments and advancements in technology.

Develop solutions and strategies to increase productivity, efficiency, and security.

Take a proactive and preventative approach to avert potential threats.

Provide dependable and timely response to your IT needs.

Offer expert advice and guidance to scale up technology to support growth

In other words, Catapult Tech Solutions is your all-in-one resource for IT support and implementation. We integrate all the hardware, software, and tools required to create an efficient and effective IT system specifically designed for your business.

Above all, our goal is to focus on your needs and eliminate your worry about whether or not your IT system is performing optimally, and all systems and data are secure.

When your IT is running efficiently and smoothly, we know it empowers you to lead successful growth. With reliable IT experts, tools, and strategies in place, you are worry-free and confident, therefore, you can concentrate your efforts and energy on other elements of your business.

Without a doubt, Catapult Tech Solutions is the support you need to eliminate all your concerns about your technology systems. Let’s work together to create formidable IT capabilities that propel your business to the next level and beyond.


Meet Our Team


Kevin Wyatt - Owner

Kevin is the owner of Catapult Technology Solutions since 2018. Previously he worked at Progressions IT as the Director of IT. After working there for over 5 years, he purchased the company. Through that purchase, he started Catapult Technology Solutions with the sole purpose of helping small to midsize businesses properly leverage technology to help them become more efficient and profitable – helping them Catapult their business forward!

Kevin has worked in IT for over 20 years in various roles, working his way from just a bench technician to Director of IT.

In his downtime, he likes to spend time with his wife Andrea, kids Chelsea, twins Kylie and Josh, Sylas, and grand-baby Forrest. You can find them most weekends traveling the roads in their RV camping around Indiana State parks and on the hiking trails. Once a year they visit national parks!

Chris LePere

Chris LePere - Technical Lead

Chris began working at ProgressionsIT in 2017 where he helped Kevin transform the company into Catapult. Previously, he worked at his family’s full-service Wireless Internet and IT Consulting firm as the Systems Administrator. He helped manage most of the company’s services and infrastructure, like he does for Catapult today. He has a wide range of technical skills and plays vital roles in other aspects of the company.

He lives in Westfield, IN with his wife and daughter. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, working on cars and playing games.

Doug Gregg

Doug Gregg - Operations Manager

Doug has spent over 30 years in Information Technology (IT). He worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for 23 years and Ascension Technologies IT Business Continuity Management Program for 8 years. He joined Catapult Tech Solutions in April 2019 as their Operations Manager.

He is retired and resides in Greenwood with his wife of over 20 years (Pam) and their dog Sophie. Doug enjoys travel, attending various sporting events (especially IU Basketball), and collecting antiques. His keys to success have been being a good listener, communicator, and excellent organizational skills. One interesting thing you might want to know about Doug is at one point in his career, he was a court bailiff for a Superior Court Judge.

Tim Myers

Tim Myers - Sys Support Technician

Tim is a history buff who went to high school at Lawrence North. He graduated from IUPUI in May 2019 with a degree in Computer Information Technology, with a networking concentration. In high school, his sport of choice was FRC Robotics. It was such a positive experience for him that he continues to mentor the local team in his free time. When he is not working or mentoring, he enjoys bowling and reading about history or anything by Stephen King. Before working for Catapult, he was a contractor at Corteva Agriscience in pest management, working with IOT devices and backend automation of various systems.

Two truths and a lie: His college job was in a bad spot of town and the cops were there at least once a day. He almost did not graduate college because the school lost his application to graduate. He wanted to join the air force because of the movie top gun.

Mike Pidde

Mike Pidde - Sales Manager

Michael Pidde is the Director of Sales at Catapult Technology Solutions, where Michael builds business relationships and helps companies manage all aspects of their IT challenges.

Michael has over 20 years’ sales experience, starting early with retail sales management, then moving into and enjoying over 15 years in Wireless distribution as a Regional Sales Manager, and eventually becoming a Sales Manager with a growing e-commerce company.

Michael is originally from the Chicagoland area and now resides in Carmel, IN.

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