IT Onboarding Process

Catapult Tech Solutions makes the onboarding process for
our managed services as painless as possible.

IT Onboarding Process

IT Onboarding Process

Catapult Tech Solutions makes the onboarding process for our managed services as painless as possible. Even still, for small business owners it can be a big, scary decision to move into managed IT services. There are many reasons to make the decision. A few include:

  • Growing business demands
  • Increased employee roster
  • Expanded products or services
  • Problems with IT processes or systems

The impetus is usually growth or change and the need to consolidate services into one, professional, experienced managed services provider (MSP). An MSP often provides better service than simply hiring an IT manager. Here at Catapult Tech Solutions, you get a staff of experienced professionals and many industry resources. Our managed services are a good value for our clients.

Catapult Tech Solutions offers two managed services programs. One is managed IT services and the other is managed security services. When you make the decision to engage our services, you immediately reap the benefits. We work with you on an extensive IT onboarding process that makes the transition easy and the timing match your needs.

Overall, there are five general components to the IT onboarding process with us.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and Assessment

During this initial phase, we do a lot of listening. We listen to understand the infrastructure, security and processes already in place. We also listen to the challenges and problems you are having. It is important that we agree that our services align with your needs based on the existing infrastructure and challenges. Once we agree, we move on and get down to the nitty gritty.

Plan Preparation and Presentation

Our team completes a more in-depth analysis of the current IT structure and environment. With that information, we draw comparisons with Industry standards. This is the point in which we identify key inefficiencies, risks, redundancies, and opportunities for development. This analysis covers many areas of your IT system. For instance, we evaluate software apps, mobile device management, network security, and password protocols. From there we make recommendations. We base our recommendations on both current and future capacity for growth and change as well as for budget considerations.

Plan Preparation and Presentation
IT Onboarding_

IT Onboarding

You review the solutions suggested and make the decision to move forward with the changes. We create an implementation roadmap and checklist for deployment and establish a timeline. Our goal at this point is simple, yet comprehensive. We update and upgrade the system to meet your needs, incorporating as much existing technology as possible. Some clients require a complete infrastructure overhaul. Others already have a functioning and adequate infrastructure and we just need to transition to managed IT services. We assist in procuring new equipment if needed, taking advantage of our volume industry discounts.


Depending on the size and timing of the project, deployment could happen over a weekend or over weeks or months. Of course, it is coordinated with your timeline. We embark on initiating the many details. For instance, we preserve data and migrate it as needed. After analysis, we install any needed anti-virus apps and anti-spam configurations are put in place. Finally, security measures like anti-virus apps and anti-spam configurations slide into place. We handle any additional training, if needed. One of the most important tools for all IT managers, we create the IT Roadmap. It is at this time that we strongly encourage clients to engage in a security policy development initiative and we even offer to help with that. After launch, it is time for us to switch over to a support role.

Support Services

Support Services

This is where we actually begin the IT management services. Our team monitors your infrastructure, makes updates and installs patches as needed. We oversee the security protocols and ensure the operation of layers of security measures. Catapult Tech Solutions also keeps an eye open for signs of impending problems or the need to update or replace equipment. From switches to mobile devices, to servers, we watch over it all.

The Onboarding Process ends with great benefits for clients

In the end, when your staff has a technology problem, we are their point of contact. We are the IT guys who are there to resolve an issue either remotely or in person. With Catapult Technology Solutions managed services, you have a team supporting your technology.

The IT onboarding process is complex, and every minute detail matters. Managing the minute details is one of the strengths of the Catapult Tech Solutions team. Once we have been through the onboarding process and are providing support services, you will discover that we are all on the same team working toward success for your business.

The Onboarding Process

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