HIPAA Compliance

While you can take different approaches to many aspects of your business, government regulatory requirements do not allow for options or alterations. For medical and health service providers, there are two acts that directly impact your technology needs- one is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The other is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). If you provide any sort of health or medical service, you are already aware of these regulations and how important HIPAA compliance is. 

Above all, protecting the privacy of your clients and keeping their records secure are the overriding elements of both acts. That security depends heavily on your IT network and the infrastructure supporting it.

Organizations that must comply with these regulations often struggle with the scope, cost, and IT tools needed to be HIPAA compliant. Without a doubt, you need a technology expert to meet and maintain compliance. Your business needs someone who can identify appropriate tools sufficient to maintain IT compliance and security. Catapult Tech Solutions can guide your business in meeting the standards set by regulatory agencies.

Our team understands the connections between the acts and security technology. In addition, we have the experience necessary to deploy the correct tools to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant. While you are protecting patient privacy, we can help you protect your IT security system against vulnerabilities and potential liability.

As a technology and security services company, there are two components of compliance that we can help you achieve.

1. Identify necessary cyber security measures to attain HIPAA compliance.

The IT professionals at Catapult Tech Solutions understand the HIPAA compliance requirements. Our experience means we know which steps must be taken to be certain your business complies with the rules. Following a HIPAA compliance checklist, our security experts execute industry best practices and proven tools to strengthen internal security.

The challenge surrounding security is that your business can’t simply address its security once and forget it- cyber security needs change daily. New methods of intrusion and hacking are unleashed onto the internet with unrelenting frequency. Your security must be robust and up to date. A security assessment reviews the infrastructure in place seeking to identify vulnerabilities and risks.

This is an instance when managed security services is a great investment. First, we monitor your IT security 24/7 and immediately address any suspicious activity or vulnerabilities. In reality we monitor, maintain, and update every aspect of your IT security system all the time.

The Catapult Tech Solutions team stays abreast of hacker’s newly released efforts to breach security. Likewise, we keep current with new developments in security tools that could benefit our clients.

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2. Deploy, maintain, and document IT systems that demonstrate HIPAA compliance for your business.

With Catapult Tech Solutions in your corner performing HIPAA compliance consultation and maintenance, you can rest easy. Not only do we deploy layers of the best security tools and processes, we also provide documentation.

An important part of the documentation shows the existing IT security measures in place. In addition, we encourage clients to engage in security policy development as well. A policy identifies systems, processes, and protocols in place to ensure security in daily operations.

That means when a HIPAA audit occurs, your business will be ready with the documentation needed. HIPAA controls will be in place, processes documented, and robust, layered security hard at work.

To sum it up, regulatory compliance is a requirement that businesses in the industry must meet in order to stay in business. Don’t try to go it alone. Bring in professionals that understand the rules as well as the technology to comply with the rules. Catapult Tech Solutions and compliance are just a phone call away. Contact us today to get started.

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