Managed Security


Managed Security

Managed services are preventative and proactive. The objective is to catch any issues before they go bad, all in an effort to keep your systems up and running. Every element of managed services is important, but Managed Security is critical.

There are just so many access points to attack throughout your IT system. Just consider this short list and know it simply scratches the top:

  • Updates not done and patches not installed
  • Unfiltered content
  • Email intrusion techniques
  • Unfiltered spam
  • Lack of firewalls

If you are not constantly scanning and monitoring the security of your network, you are asking for a problem. And it is too dangerous to take the risk. Catapult Tech Solutions offers Security Assessments in order to identify and address vulnerabilities and gaps. However, that is the first step. You find the problems and then take recommended measures to secure the system. That’s great.

But threats change, and they keep coming. If you do not monitor and maintain the measures you have taken, it will not be long before cracks begin, and gaps emerge. You are putting your system in a threatened state again.

Catapult Tech Solutions wants your business protected and continual 24/7 oversight plays a big part. However, sometimes events take place that cannot be controlled. As another proactive measure, Catapult Tech Solutions helps you create an IT Disaster Plan. We believe that effective security is both preventative and proactive.

Keep your security robust, flexible and easy to manage

Because of the number and variety of threats, Catapult Tech Solutions managed security services is diverse. Special attention is given to regulatory and compliance requirements and backup and server protection. We recommend and service multiple layers of security on all systems, even as your business

systems change. For instance, the walls of your workspace no longer confine your employees. Remote employee capability presents unique challenges to make sure your data is securely flowing. Protections are put in place to maintain data confidentiality including access controls and passwords. Besides all the protections for your IT, we want support to happen efficiently. Remote IT support makes monitoring and maintenance fast and easy.

While the list of services provided in Catapult Tech Solutions’ Managed Security is long, here is a sampling of some of what our managed security services include:

Set-up, configuration, and monitoring of firewalls

Cutting edge and up-to-date firewalls are your first line of defense from many threats. Managed security ensures monitoring and maintenance as needed 24/7.

Web protection

We approach web protection in two ways under managed network security. The first is the use of AI-based antivirus and malware protection software on all machines. In addition, next generation AI virus protection learns what activities your computers normally perform. When there is activity outside the norm, the software automatically sends alerts to us and we address it. This software puts a shield around your IT to detect threats ranging from email spam and phishing to ransomware.

We base the second strategy on your business’s central web policies. We adjust and edit filters and controls in accordance with your policies. Web protection applies to a range of devices, not just each device individually. In addition, there are time-based browsing rules to prevent non-work-related activity during work hours.

Automatic patching and updates

Managed security installs updates and patches for desktops, laptops, (including both PCs and Mac products) software, network equipment, and servers in a timely manner.

Email protection

Many threats come through email or attached to emails. Cyber criminals are clever and use shrewd phishing strategies to trick employees. With managed security, virus protection, spam filtering, and web protection strategies are employed to forestall infection.

Content filtering, and bandwidth

While content filtering offers some control over employee productivity, the primary purpose is security. Some websites are more prone and have greater potential for malicious or harmful threats. Filters block and prevent access to questionable sites as per your business policies. The filter categories are broad, and you determine which categories to block. In addition, there is the ability to use white lists and blacklists as well. This easy-to-manage web security feature allows you to control, monitor, and enforce web policies.

Monitoring prevents unwanted costs or network issues because bandwidth is in high demand. The system generates alerts when use exceeds thresholds allowing for quick remediation.

Managed Security gives you confidence
and peace of mind

With managed business systems security you receive reliable and consistent protection across all your systems. We employ intrusion detection and protection techniques to identify potential threats, determine what happened, correct it, and restore the system. Usually without you ever being aware of the dangers.

Propelling Your IT Needs Forward

We do not take security lightly here at Catapult Tech Solutions. We understand the consequences for businesses, and we want you to know how seriously your system security is to us. Put your mind at ease, contact us at (317) 350-8928 to find out what we can do for you.

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