Structured Cabling


Adding another few wires to the mess behind your desk at work probably does not seem like anything more than an annoyance. In reality, it a potential cause of huge problems you do not want like a crashed network. You might be thinking structured cabling is just a buzz word for bundling up wires and eliminating tangles. But, in reality, it brings several benefits to your business.


Simply, structured cabling is a telecommunications infrastructure. It generally consists of several elements including patch panels and trunks. Yes, it does organize the wiring system, but it also allows changes to be made easily, effectively, and at less cost.


Miles of wires tangled along baseboards and running across the floor creates workplace hazards. In the first place, there is the potential for employees to trip and fall. Furthermore, the hazards for your business are even greater. Besides inadvertent mistakes (see Reduces Risk of Downtime below), tangled and bent wires also restrict power flow and strength of the flow.

Patches and panels are potential hazards as well. The demand on over-extended panels can result in reduced strength, slower speeds, and, eventually, equipment malfunctions.

A structured cabling system not only organizes wires, it also organizes the infrastructure that powers your technology. Therefore, connections are no longer made haphazardly. The demand is spread out for optimal service.

On the whole, you eliminate perils for employees and for your operations with improved cabling.

Reasons to choose Structured Cabling

There really are several reasons to install a structured cabling system for your business. Here are some to consider:

Specified Standards

Specified Standards

Some installations specify a structured cabling system to meet some standards. Often these standards are the guidelines for data center design, management and operation. In other instances, updated and upgraded cabling replaces older wiring to meet comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure demand.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Because structured cabling is an organized and simple cabling system, it reduces power and maintenance costs. Installation and wiring changes require less time and materials, saving businesses even more.

Reduces Risk of Downtime

Reduces Risk of Downtime

Unorganized and tangled cords and wires increase the potential for human error. A pulled or stepped on cord disconnects and breaks equipment and therefore, connections. Depending on the components, one station or the entire network goes down. This is not the case with structured cabling.

Efficient Changes

Efficient Changes

Business saves time and money on changes, additions, and relocations. Because of the organized infrastructure of the cabling, new connections and installations are quick and require less materials. Whether it is a new desk station, a new printer, or a VoIP phone system, the order of a structured cabling system pays off.

improves Troubleshooting and Repairs

Improves Troubleshooting and Repairs

Along with an IT roadmap, structured cabling offers the ability to quickly locate and diagnose problems. This results in shorter periods of time down and more efficient repairs. In addition, visual inspections and replacements of components like switches is more likely to prevent breakdowns.

The risk of vulnerability

The risk of vulnerability

Improper or messy wiring presents another, even more critical, issue for business: increased vulnerability. Chaos in the cabling of your IT network, makes attacks feasible. Bad actors easily install devices or equipment that infiltrates your databases and operations. It makes it possible to compromise confidential records for employees or customers. Likewise, there is a chance proprietary information gets stolen. A security assessment illuminates any such vulnerabilities in your IT system.

Keep all these things in mind so you see the benefits brought to your business. A smart growing company positions itself so it expands efficiently and wisely in a cost-effective manner.

Structured cabling is one strategy that prepares and protects your operation today for what tomorrow brings.

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