VoIP Phone System

Many families have ditched the home telephone land line for individual smart phones for every member of the family. In business, with many people participating in the gig economy or freelancing on their own, the cell phone reigns supreme. Following the trends, businesses are going in a new direction as well. The features and cost of a VoIP phone system outweigh traditional products and services.

At a glance, you might not be able to differentiate the old business phones from a VoIP phone system. VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol (or voice over IP). Some people just refer to it as an internet phone service. In reality, the desk set phones look very similar to the phones purchased or rented from the telephone companies.

Therefore, that eliminates looks as a distinguishing factor between the two. The biggest differentiator is technology. Technology is what sets VoIP phones apart from traditional phone. In a VoIP phone system, analog calls get converted into packets of IP data. The voice data in the analog system transmits over the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network). With VoIP phones, the converted packets of IP data transmit over the internet. Similarly, it is the same transmission process as Facetime or Skype.

Using a VoIP phone system provides many benefits for your company. If you are a business that needs a phone set on every desk, comparing the two might be eye-opening. Maybe you should keep these points in mind as you make a comparison:

Cost savings of VoIP phone system

  • There are no phone lines or cabling needed, which saves installation and maintenance costs.
  • VoIP can potentially save you up to 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls.
  • Long distance calls are cheaper than conventional long-distance calls.
  • Cost of the actual system is less, sometimes as much as 50% less. In addition, you save hundreds of dollars on set-up fees and extra charges. Many of those services come standard with a VoIP phone system.

Flexibility and mobility of VoIP phone system

  • VoIP are compatible with wireless networks.
  • Software for email, efax, and remote conferencing integrates into the system.
  • Auto-attendant features make call routing automatic.
  • The system is mobile and operational anywhere there is adequate internet service.
  • Relocating to new office space is easy. The VoIP phone system is operational as soon as you establish internet service.
  • Call forwarding ensures continued phone service even if there is a disruption in your internet service.

Increased productivity 

  • VoIP accommodates headsets.
  • Documents can be attached and sent concurrently with phone use.
  • Video conferencing makes virtual meetings easy to conduct.
  • More than two people can participate in conference calls or virtual meetings.
  • Messages can be forwarded instantly.

With several modes of communication available with VoIP an unlimited number of users in a business can conduct business with unrestricted communication. The fact is that with VoIP your business enjoys more features than a traditional phone service. Certainly, the bottom line is that it costs less every month, too.

Making the move to a voice over IP phone system is fast and easy. Probably, as in most cases, you can keep your existing number(s). Since there are is no need for any structured cabling, installation is quick and easy. Because service is provided through the internet, your web hosting service provides all the connection you need. To sum up, there are no additional wires, connections, or cost.

Certainly, technology makes it possible to increase the volume and pace of productivity in businesses today. In some instances, like with VoIP phones, technology not only enhances productivity, it comes with significant cost savings.

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