Infrastructure Services

Every business relies on the infrastructure supporting all the technology in their organization. It is the frame from which everything runs efficiently – or not. Therefore, it is critical that your network infrastructure be robust, agile, secure and configured to meet your unique needs. There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all infrastructure system that will work for everyone. Infrastructure services from Catapult Tech Solutions ensures a sound infrastructure with optimal performance.

Infrastructure development and updating

Regardless of the status of your current technology infrastructure, the Catapult Tech Solutions Team can put their experience and knowledge to work for you. Our team builds the most ideal infrastructure system for all the technology in your organization and network.

Catapult Tech Solutions clients find that we create efficiencies and solutions that not only fit your needs but your budget, too. We provide state-of-the-art, secure, and reliable infrastructure services and products. Our clients also enjoy the added value of our volume discounts on hardware purchases.

We help guide you through decisions from beginning to end. First, our experts audit the status of your infrastructure. Next, we make recommendations for third-party applications to create greater efficiency, reliability, and security.

We design and plan for system integrations today with an eye to plans for future expansion because your system should be scalable. We do not believe in starting over with each development but building on to make your infrastructure stronger. Our goal is twofold. We:

1. provide an infrastructure that meets your needs today.

2. set the stage for agile adjustment for future expansion.

We not only plan and design a strong infrastructure framework for you, we deploy the right solutions to get your system to its ideal state.

Infrastructure mapping

Once we develop the infrastructure, we create an IT roadmap. This map lays out a visual picture of your entire infrastructure so you can see how the data is routed. It also provides an indispensable tool for troubleshooting and repairs. When a technician sees how everything connects and flows, they can quickly pinpoint potential trouble spots. We can quickly identify and correct equipment failures, loose wires, or bad switches, saving time. Therefore, eliminating inconvenience and reducing costs.

Infrastructure services, maintenance, and development

We aren’t content to stop there, though. No, Catapult Tech Solutions keeps everything behind the scenes updated and secure. Our infrastructure services makes certain every aspect of your infrastructure is functioning. This includes everything from hardware like switches, access points, and firewalls to monitoring the infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year. We implement updates and patches and monitor performance. Alerts are addressed immediately by us. You can concentrate your focus on your job responsibilities and business success.

In addition, when it is time to expand or enhance your infrastructure to meet the growth in your organization, we are here. We can once again guide you through the process with our infrastructure services.

Infrastructure is the bones of your business

The infrastructure system guides every element of your technology system. When it breaks down your business screeches to a stop. That costs your company money in lost employee productivity today. It also potentially costs you customers and money tomorrow. Under no circumstances is a breakdown ever a good event.

You want to be certain your network infrastructure services provide you with reliable business continuity. With threats changing, security becomes more important every day. Catapult Tech Solutions helps you maintain a secure system with managed security services. One element of our managed security service is that we use layered tools to monitor the system daily. Another is deploying security updates and patches as they come out. We watch over your system at all times, watching for intrusions, breakdowns, and anything out of the ordinary.

When the bones of your business, your technology infrastructure, is strong, your business grows and flourishes. You do not worry about a catastrophe occurring because you have Catapult Tech Solutions backing you up. You can get that feeling of safety and security. Our team is ready to serve. Call us at 317-522-1299 and let’s see what we can build together.


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