Security Assessments

As you lock the door and walk out each night, do you wonder if everything in your business is safe?   The lock on the door is one thing, but are you equally protecting your network and IT systems? Have you checked with Security Assessments?

Your IT, with all its servers, networks, workstations, databases, and operational processes, IS your business. If you lose it, what do you do? Worse, if a cyber criminal steals or corrupts confidential and propriety information, what do you do?

Face it, your business cannot run without IT and it must protect it and keep it secure at all times. Your network security must be given the same priority as securing your physical facility.

The days of simply installing an anti-virus program and avoiding questionable emails and websites are long gone. Today, all business owners face many security threats. Determined and malicious cyber criminals lie in wait with sophisticated techniques for intrusion, hacking, viruses, and malware, and ransomware.


The need for security assessments

HIPAA and finance regulations from the Payment Card Industry and the government, require regular assessments. In the event of a breach, the lack of such assessments could deem your business and you negligent and liable.

Cyber criminals take advantage of every loophole, gap, and vulnerability in poorly protected and maintained websites. Catapult Tech Solutions performs internal and external security assessments. A network security audit identifies security gaps and vulnerabilities that allow access. More than automated scanning, Catapult Tech Solutions’ techniques provide a precise picture of the security of your systems. They make specific recommendations to help you “plug the holes.”

The vulnerabilities found in a network audit usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Absence of firewalls and other hardware to prevent access at the internet connection points
  • A lack of sufficient robust applications to ward off threats
  • Poor maintenance of security apps; updates and patches left unapplied
  • Inadequate user processes with logins, emails, and operational processes

Both the government and finance industry apply checks and balances throughout their work. Similarly, you must protect your IT with deliberate processes. It begins with a security assessment.


Take proactive measures for network security

Installing new hardware or software and implementing more stringent operational procedures go a long way to improving your network security. However, as hackers and cyber criminals develop new strategies and malware, you are faced with new, different vulnerabilities. While updates and patches are issued, ignoring them produces gaps that opens the system to intrusion. Regular maintenance through managed security is critical to sustaining adequate protection.

Likewise, making the decision to utilize cloud services is another method of increasing network and system security. In addition to preparing your network for potential damage or failure with backups in the cloud, cloud services providers add another layer of security.

The need is more urgent than you suspect

IT security assessments are a resource that is fast, easy, and affordable. Especially when you consider the alternative to taking the proactive steps.

Small business owners previously thought they were too small for hackers and criminals to attack. You might think that as well. In fact, small businesses are attacked as often as the large corporations. A large corporation might survive an attack. However, for your small business, one significant intrusion could do enough damage to seriously impair your business. In fact, such an event might cause you to close your doors. Fooling yourself is dangerous. Cyber security is of paramount importance.

Consequences are too serious to put network security assessments off until later. Later might be too late. Contact Catapult Tech Solutions now at 317-522-1299. It is always better to know your vulnerabilities. That gives you the opportunity to remedy them for a safer, more secure system and business.

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