Mobile Device Management

Your business is likely on the move. Whenever employees are out in the field, or working remotely from home, they work independently. All of a sudden you realize there are not many sitting at a desk in your office using a desktop computer frequently feeling out of control. In effect, today’s companies are connecting employees with the business through mobile devices. Seems like cell phones, Macs, PCs, laptops, and tablets cover your service area in the hands of the people who work for you. Consequently, this innovation comes with the need for mobile device management.


Questions about mobile devices

While technology makes it possible for mobile device connection to your company infrastructure and allows remote use, it raises many questions:

  • What about security in your infrastructure with devices out in the public?
  • Is it prudent to allow personal device use?
  • Do you want to have visibility of your mobile assets?
  • Can you distribute alerts and announcements to every employee through mobile devices?
  • Is it possible to accommodate updates to all the devices in the field?
  • What steps are needed to control usage of blacklisted sites?
  • How do you monitor data usage, apps, and voice roaming?

This is just a quick list of questions that business owners and managers must ponder and resolve.

Mobile device management

Certainly, mobile devices in the hands of employees is complex. Therefore, it is an area of your business that must be well thought out and organized. One of the best ways to solve the problem is through mobile device management or MDM.

At Catapult Tech Solutions we have streamlined the process and addressed the issues employers have about mobile device use in their business. To simplify, we break it down into five categories:

1. Device

First of all, mobile asset management must begin at the very beginning. With this in mind, because of our management dashboard we are able to:

  • configure each device
  • install security measures
  • provide complete visibility of devices, security, usage, and network
  • install updates and patches remotely on all devices

2. Apps

Control is a keyword when it comes to mobile devices. Most noteworthy, mobile devices are even more vulnerable than in-house equipment for inadvertent installation of malware and viruses. In addition, mobile devices are prime targets for eavesdropping, to say nothing of corporate espionage.

As a mobile device manager, we provide the ability to:

  • Deploy custom apps for users to view and install
  • Blacklist and whitelist apps
  • Install required apps
  • Provide app volume purchase programs

3. Expenses

Without restrictions and guidelines, expenses can easily skyrocket. For that reason, to control costs, policies for users are essential. Alongside discounted buying, here are some ways MDM can support the control of expenses:

  • Monitor mobile data usage with alert thresholds and real-time alerts
  • Establish group and individual policies to restrict or limit data and voice roaming
  • Provide reporting and analytics

4. Security

To begin with, mobile asset management is such a concern because of the additional vulnerabilities of devices used in public. First of all, we see that there are two sides to security: incoming intrusions, hackers, or malware and outgoing data and information leaks. Obviously, security is critical to protect your business. To be most effective, mobile device management is best combined with our other managed security services. With this in mind,

The following is just a brief list of measures we take in MDM to protect your devices and company:

  • Contain email text and attachments to prevent intrusion and leakage
  • Enforce authentication, cut and paste restrictions, and view-only
  • Provide encryption for data
  • Provide secure access to network folders and file-sharing CMS
  • Restrict forwarding, moving, and screen captures
  • Conduct compliance checks before accessing email
  • Enable access to corporate intranet sites and network
  • Define URL web filters and security policies based on categories
  • Block known malicious websites to prevent mobile malware intrusion
  • Enforce whitelist use
  • Restrict cookies, downloads, copy/paste and print features to prevent data leaks
  • Disable native and third-party web browsers

Additionally, in the event a device is lost or stolen, or an employee leaves the company, it is possible to wipe the devices remotely to ensure security.

5. Mobile device management mitigates security threats

While mobile device usage allows for flexibility and agility in your business, it does, without a doubt, present concerns, too. For the purpose of expanding business, mobile devices are tremendous tools. In contrast, they require extensive mobile threat management because they increase the vulnerabilities your business faces.

Under those circumstances we, as a mobile device manager take precautions. Accordingly, we analyze and remediate threats such as malware, suspicious system configurations and compromised devices.

Without question, mobile device usage in a business is a very serious component of the security plan for your business. By all means, be sure to include it during initial security plan development and update it over time.

Catapult Tech Solutions mobile device management gives you confidence. While you know mobile devices increase productivity in the field, with MDM you know your business is safe as well.

Yes, the issues surrounding mobile devices are complex. However, they are manageable with professional help and guidance. Call us today at 317-561-1457. We want to help you take your business to the next level.

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