Managed IT Services

Living with an unreliable IT system is something no business likes to do or can really afford to do. We know how much you value keeping critical business services up and running because it is the lifeblood of your organization. Managed IT Services is probably the solution you need for reliable business continuity.

When your systems are running slow or crashing, that disrupts daily operations and, subsequently, negatively effects your bottom line. Then, like insult to injury, the hourly support fees to remedy your situation can take a bite out of your monthly cash flows and create even more problems.

Are you tiring of the crazy cycle of break – fix – pay, and the surprise nature of it all? Then consider eliminating the cycle altogether with Managed IT Services.


Has your IT been getting ignored?

It is not uncommon to find that many of the responsibilities included in Managed IT Services have simply not been getting done. Sometimes it is the result of that oversight that creates a gap and makes your IT systems vulnerable to malicious intruders and downtime. We can solve your problem before you face the prospect of needing disaster recovery.

An IT system is like other kinds of assets like vehicles and machines– untended and poorly maintained, it eventually fails. Don’t let that happen to you. If you are not performing all the tasks below, call us today. It could save your business a lot of headaches in the future.

Catapult Tech Solutions Managed IT Services assumes several tasks that you no longer need to worry about. Some of those include:

  • Monitoring your system 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Performing preventative system maintenance with updates and patches
  • Proactively addressing system alerts about issues or impending problems
  • Managing backups and recovery of hardware, software, and anti-virus protections
  • Protecting and optimizing your system and network to detect and stop IT issues
  • Providing computer and wireless support to workstations and mobile devices
  • Overseeing selection, procurement, installation, setup, and optimization
  • Handling vendor management and warranty repairs

In addition to relieving you of IT responsibilities, your organization benefits in other ways, such as:

  • 24/7 Remote IT Support
  • A fixed monthly fee stabilizes your cash flows
  • Peace of mind because business continuity is no longer a fear keeping you up nights
  • Solving problems faster with remote services
  • Quickly and remotely wiping critical data from lost or stolen devices, and at workstations

What makes Managed IT Services a good investment?

Managed IT Services performs two major functions for your organization. First, we monitor, maintain, and catch problems to eliminate disruption of your business operations. This includes steps to ensure your system is secure.

Secondly, we are by your side to help keep your system up-to-date and prepared for growth. Because we monitor the system so closely, we can see when it is slowing down or not performing to meet the demands put on it. We create a proactive environment. When your system needs an upgrade, you are made aware so you can plan accordingly to circumvent a potential business shut down and unexpected costs.

Speaking of costs, one major benefit of Managed IT Services is that you know what your monthly cost will be with Fixed Fee Managed Services. Further, we help plan, schedule, and implement updates to your IT in alignment with your budget.

In addition, one hidden, yet very time-consuming, IT responsibility we assume is the management of mobile devices and workstations. We take all of it off your plate including 24/7 Remote Support. Everything from helping select devices to setup, optimization, checking system logs, installing updates and patches, and monitoring security applications. It is a special bonus of the Catapult Tech Solutions Managed IT Services.

In other words, we monitor, update and repair your networks, servers, software, computers and other mobile devices. We eliminate the distraction of constant worry for you. You can focus on your business while we maintain your IT infrastructure. Consequently, you will find us an effective part of your team operating proactively behind the scenes to support your growth and success.

Our Indianapolis team is ready to discuss your IT needs and provide details about Catapult Tech Solutions’ Managed IT Services. Call us at 317-522-1299 to schedule a time to meet.

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