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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery services ensures your business is geared for success in the event of a cyberattack or hardware/software failure. Contact our team to learn more about our data backup services today!

We hope that every business owner and manager thinks about data backup and disaster recovery solutions well before there is a need for it. It is sobering to hear the following disturbing news:

  • About 45% of unplanned downtime is caused by hardware failure
  • About 35% of unexpected downtime is caused by power outages
  • Unplanned downtime costs between $926 to $17,244 per MINUTE
  • Ransomware detection (successful or not) is skyrocketing
  • Spyware has returned in increasing numbers
  • Hijacker malware detection is increasing

What makes the situation even worse is that about one-third of all businesses have no strategy in place to deal with disasters. A Touche Ross study indicates that less than 10% of companies survive a major disaster when they do not have a plan in place. Of those companies with disaster recovery solutions ready, about 1 in 3 of them discover their plans are inadequate, outdated, or that recovery apps fail.

Why data backup services are important

In the face of downtime, or disaster, about 12% of companies are unable to recover data, and about 35% of companies lose a business-critical app. In addition to the loss of productivity with downtime, employees subsequently spend about a quarter of their time dealing with the restoration of data and operations. As a result, other priorities – including customers – get placed on the back burner. Disaster recovery is critical to your business.

Don’t be fooled, problems are not only caused by major disasters. Problems include the minor, less catastrophic situations, too. If a situation compromises your entire network, or affects a few files or apps, it is still a very serious problem.

Why data backup services
Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services Ensure Restoration

Every minute your network is down costs your business time and money. It is important to have a data backup protocol in place every day of the year. All the professionals here at Catapult Tech Solutions suggest putting several layers of backup protection in place. This way, you protect your data with a combination of backups on virtual machines, in-house on dedicated servers, and in the cloud.

Whatever happens, your business will be ready and your recovery is quick and seamless. In fact, our goal is restoring operations immediately with a recovery time objective in minutes, not hours or days. Often, our clients do not have to wait for a complete server restore before resuming production and use.

Being prepared takes more than a data backup and recovery plan

Keep in mind the statistic that 1 in 3 companies with plans in place did not successfully recover their data. Perhaps that sounds unusual- unfortunately it’s not. One thing we hear in the industry is about about companies who have their data backed up but it is on a separate server in-house. That’s a good start but what happens when the same disaster strikes both the operations server and the backup server? All is potentially lost, and your business is in trouble.

We guide our clients through establishing a process that protects their data. We suggest for backing up data on a regular basis using a layered approach. Part of our recommendation is using different locations for backups and perhaps even at different time intervals. That safely protects your data in more than one location.

Another reason companies tell us that recovery was not successful is the failure of parts of the recovery process. Perhaps the recovery apps fail. Perhaps the apps are out-of-date or are simply no longer adequate. The way we prevent this from happening to our clients is by continually monitoring, testing, and verifying apps and completed backups.

A backup system that automatically updates on a consistent basis also includes another benefit. You rely on the system issuing alerts when corrupt data or a problem occurs in the backup. Valuable notifications made immediately are valuable because they prompt resolutions before the network crashes. In other words, you get a heads up and an opportunity to take action to prevent a crash and downtime. It is like having a watchman on duty all the time.

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