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Catapult Tech Solutions is your trusted local provider of Hyper-V support and Hyper-V consulting services in the Brownsburg, IN area. Our Hyper-V consultants have the experience and expertise to help your company leverage the many benefits of virtualization with Hyper-V. Contact us today!

Virtualization and Hyper-V

Most companies have embraced server virtualization to make the most effective use of their server infrastructure and finances. But what is virtualization? It involves using software to allow multiple instances of computers to run on one computer. It’s usually inefficient to dedicate an entire server’s hardware configuration to one purpose. Most of the time the machine is sitting idle. So, why not utilize those resources to get more value for your purchase?

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization software. Released with Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V is a free application included with your Microsoft Windows license. This makes it an attractive solution for many businesses. And Catapult Tech Solutions is here to help you implement it with expert Hyper-V support and consulting services.

Hyper-V Benefits Your Business

Microsoft Hyper-V is a powerful solution to virtualize your environment. It can support guest machines of any operating system. By virtualizing, you’ll save money on hardware and your electricity bill. Even if you’re a small business that only needs one server, by taking the time to set it up as a Hyper-V host, you will have prepared yourself for future growth. (Plus, it’s worth repeating: Hyper-V is free!)

Hyper-V with Catapult Tech Solutions is easy

There are three primary ways to implement Hyper-V, and we can help you with whichever one is best for your company:

  • Perform a new installation – If you’re just starting to build your server environment, there’s no better time to implement Hyper-V virtualization. Our engineers can design and execute a solution that fits your use case perfectly and is ready to grow as your business does.
  • Convert physical servers – If your business has already been using a dedicated server solution, we can help here too. Our engineers can install Hyper-V on your existing hardware or on new hardware if needed. Then we’ll perform a physical-to-virtual process that’ll take your existing physical server install and convert it over to a virtual machine. We don’t recommend performing this task on your own.
  • Migrate from VMware – If your business uses VMware and is interested in migrating to Hyper-V for cost savings, we got you covered. We’ll install Hyper-V on a new or existing server and convert your virtual machines to Hyper-V with no downtime.

Hyper-V support and consulting is always available with Catapult Tech Solutions

Once your Microsoft Hyper-V environment is in production, our support team can answer any and all questions you may have. You choose your level of support. For instance, our engineers can maintain the environment, including backups and the addition or removal of virtual machines. Or, we can consult with you when you’re ready for major projects like upgrades and new hardware.

Why choose Catapult Tech Solutions?

Virtualization can be complicated, but you can turn to us. By partnering with Catapult Tech Solutions, you’ll get world-class Hyper-V support and consulting services from a local partner that understands your business. Give us a call today to get started.

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