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Catapult Tech Solutions performs network security assessment services and network security auditing for companies in the Fishers, IN area.

Our network security consulting services are geared to identify the vulnerabilities and gaps in your organization’s security and provide solutions to resolve these issues. Contact us today to set up a network security assessment with our professionals!

The annual cost of cybercrime is expected to exceed six trillion dollars worldwide by 2021, rising rapidly from over $600 billion annually just a couple years ago. As cyber criminals look for weak points in your business’s network security infrastructure, you must be prepared to proactively prevent attacks, ensure security is up to par, and quickly respond with the best recovery solutions if attacked.

Network Security Auditing

Network security not only includes the obvious anti-virus, malware, spyware and spam software solutions, but it also includes many other defensive measures and recovery methods included in a networking security audit. Catapult Tech Solutions implements next generation firewalls and web content filtering that builds hedges of protection to your network. These items encrypt and archive email to render any stolen data useless. In addition, they ensure the security of mobile devices and thorough device management, especially devices within “bring your own device” (BYOD) environments.

Network Security Assessments

Conducting a network security assessment is a necessary step in understanding your technology security configurations- your company’s strengths and weaknesses. The results of the assessment are a valuable resource in identifying what needs to be revamped or repaired and how to stragically deploy required solutions to meet budget and timeline restrictions.

A network security assessment isn’t a ‘one and done’ situation, this is a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure to keep your business out of harms way and should be conducted on an annual basis as technology and hackers make advances and evolve their tools on a regular basis.

Additionally, performing a network security assessment can help educate your internal IT team and your employees on best practices for end-user security and red flags to avoid and/or report immediately to prevent any compromise of you digital assets.


Benefit From Network Security Consulting

Auditing all security threats, even the less obvious ones, will yield network security benefits you might otherwise have overlooked. Potential network security breaches from missing patches to outdated operational systems poise tremendous risks. Many industries have compliance regulations that should prevent such occurrences, but the key to maintaining compliance is thorough continuous auditing.


Our network security consultants work with your business in a proactive manner to sift through you hardware, software, applications, and internal processes/protocols to locate any and all potential weaknesses a cybercriminal may try to take advantage of. By doing this thorough investigative work with our security professionals and your internal IT team, your business can build sufficient defense systems to prevent any targetted attacks.

Catapult Tech Solutions: Your Network Security Consultants!

As threats to network security constantly evolve, SMBs and corporations need technological solutions to defend against advanced cyber attacks. Catapult Tech Solutions can help keep your business ahead of the curve with a comprehensive network security audit and assessment!

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