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Managed IT brings happiness to your workplace.

Managed IT Secures Employee Performance and Satisfaction

With so many companies today offering products, services, and applications over cloud-based networks, having a solid IT infrastructure matters more than ever. When networks and technology go down, companies are often left scrambling to deal with a range of costly consequences. According to Gartner research it costs on average $5600 for one minute of network downtime. That’s why more businesses are turning to Managed IT services.

What can Managed IT solve in your business?

People like to have the information technology (IT) tools they need to be productive and successful at work. PCs that take eight minutes to boot make people late for meetings. Expense reporting systems based on spreadsheets that are tedious and convoluted lead to employees who put off doing their expenses for months at a time. Internet connectivity so slow that it’s quicker for staff to look something up on their phone is inefficient for your workplace.

Employees are empowered when their IT tools work well. However, in a recent survey by Zensar it was found that 53% of white-collar and higher-level professionals believe that their company’s IT priorities are focused mostly on how to increase profits instead of on empowering employees. Managed IT helps you not only keep your networks up and running, it also allows you to see when updates and new innovations should be implemented.

Of the 1,000-plus survey group, 76% added that having the digital tools they need at work makes them more productive and 53%, said it makes them more successful. A third said it makes them smarter, and 28% said it makes them happier. In addition, 42% said these tools would not only speed up boring tasks but also result in better worker morale. 53% of those surveyed mentioned that they would be more empowered to better manage workflow if they were provided with the needed tools. Half of the survey group said they would find it easier to collaborate with coworkers if their employers’ digital transformation efforts focused more on employee empowerment.

Good systems begin with Managed IT

Yes, good systems begin with Managed IT and lead to greater employee productivity and greater job satisfaction.

Most employees understand the value of having the right digital tools to get the job done. In fact, 68% of the 18 to 34 age group said having the digital tools they need at work makes them more productive. It is even higher – at 80% – for the 35 to 54 age group. A whopping 83% of workers age 55 and older agreed. More than half of those surveyed said technology makes companies better, yet only 48% said they are aware of their company’s digital transformation strategy.

Lack of proper technology tools can hinder productivity and kill morale in your workplace! Employees need to be engaged in your IT plan, be involved in decision making, and be well trained to use the systems in place. Employees concerned about navigating their technology are not able to think creatively and innovate for the success of your company.

Great experiences are not just for customers

Organizations that tout digital transformations laser-focused on customer experience often fall down badly when it comes to the IT experience of their own employees. Often employers are more concerned with incremental expenses to invest in new technology. Upgrading equipment and tools, and providing ongoing training to employees is expensive, but is essential in maintaining or improving productivity. Expenses in this area will lead to higher revenues in the long run. Evaluate equipment and software yearly to catch problems before they affect performance. Know what is needed, furnish it, and then maintain it. Applying IT strategies recommended in the industry will keep your business up and running, and moving forward.

So how can you ensure that this is not a problem for your company? Get Managed IT services! At Catapult Tech Systems we dedicate our work to providing powerful, efficient, and secure IT solutions that lay the foundation for growth and success in your business.

Our team of professionals become your IT department. Let us think about the technology so that your employees remain productive and empowered! We bring extensive IT knowledge and experience directly to you; without the expense of employees in-house. Call us today at (317) 350-8928and let us help you optimize your company’s technology systems!

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