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IT system management (ITSM) consolidates all your information technology devices, applications, equipment, and users into one management plan.

What Can ITSM Do for Your Business?

Let’s face it—technology has become an integral part of almost all businesses. Faulty IT equipment or applications that lead to downtime is not something that most businesses can afford. In many cases, being offline is synonymous with being closed. Have you put enough thought into how your IT is being managed? Are you hopeful that nothing goes wrong, or do you have a plan in place to keep your operations from being interrupted? Perhaps ITSM is the answer for you.

Just like all aspects of your business, you should examine a model for growth when it comes to your IT. IT system management (ITSM) consolidates all your information technology devices, applications, equipment, and users into one management plan. This consolidation allows for operations such as updates, security and wellness checks, and applications to be rolled out to users and devices seamlessly with little to no effort to the staff of the business. ITSM is often outsourced with an IT company, allowing for both expertise and cost-savings. What could you do to grow your business with the extra time you’d save not worrying about your IT problems?

 How is ITSM integrated?

There are three steps to integrating ITSM in your business: assess, optimize, and manage.

  • Assess

Your ITSM provider will assess your current setup, needs, functions, capabilities, devices, and more. IT roadmapping is an important step in learning about what your business has and needs to function.

  • Optimize

This step allows your ITSM provider to make adjustments and recommendations on processes that would increase your business’s efficiency. Documentation is also an important feature of this step, which allows a clear outline of your business’s departments and workflows.

  • Manage

Updates and monitoring tools can be implemented seamlessly. Users can be added and removed with no fear of lost data or information. Other processes can be automated to keep the focus pointed on the business and its operations.

Five Exceptional Benefits of ITSM

The benefits of choosing ITSM are obvious. Allowing experts to handle and improve your IT operations while you drive your business forward is the goal. However, there are some benefits worth noting that may be the strongest of all.

  • Reduced IT expenses

First, it takes no time to rack up a hefty bill if you’re choosing the break/fix model for your IT services. With ITSM, there is usually a regularly occurring fee for many of your monitoring services. This allows a business to plan with a more realistic budget with fewer surprise expenses.

  • Safe Updates and IT Adjustments

Second, when you choose to outsource the ITSM through an IT company, you chose to allow experts to handle what they know best. You wouldn’t make your own legal decisions—you know that it’s smarter for your business to hire a lawyer to review contracts and other legally-binding agreements that could possibly hurt the business. Likewise, your decision on choosing ITSM with an IT company is no different. The experts ensure that regular, necessary updates are performed for all users. New applications get rolled out quickly and safely to all users without the fear of incompatibility or downtime.

  • Cut back on unneeded workload

Next, choosing the ITSM model means that certain monitoring and updating procedures will be automated. As a result, you eliminate the need for a person to put in the labor to check and monitor users and devices. Monitoring will alert you to any issues that arise or lurking in the background.

  • Stronger cyber security and data retention

Fourth, depending on your preferences and ITSM plan, your cyber security and data retention is strengthened. ITSM ensures that each user and device is equipped with the correct online protection. Backups and restoration keep you from losing important documents or information even as users change.  Security assessments are an important piece that allow your IT company to see any weak points for data breaches or other disastrous issues.

  • Increased efficiency as a goal

One of the most important reasons for ITSM is IT services providers track efficiency of their work for businesses that are under the ITSM model. KPIs (key performance indicators) are calculated to help identify growth and where growth is needed. As a rule, IT service providers offering ITSM are going to focus on improving for and with you and your business. Therefore, you are free to focus on your business and other operational components.

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