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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Working from home during this trying time is becoming the norm for most businesses, large and small. That’s why you need to plan now for an eventual disaster with your remote workforce, even if it’s something you don’t want to worry about. Let Catapult Tech Solutions worry about that for you. A disaster recovery plan ensures that you are ready and capable to respond to unplanned incidents that threaten your technology infrastructure.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan is a designed approach to respond to unplanned incidents that threaten your IT infrastructure. This includes hardware, software, networks, processes, and people. Protecting your business’s investment in its technology’s set up and safeguarding your company’s ability to do business are key reasons to implement a disaster recovery plan.

Step-by-Step Assistance

Your IT disaster discovery plan is a step-by-step procedure for recovering disrupted systems and networks so that you can resume normal operations as quickly possible.

Catapult Tech Solutions uses this plan to minimize downtime and any negative impact on your network with our managed security protocols. We create this plan by prioritizing your recovery time. The strategy provides the process by which you’ll restart, reconfigure, and recover your data.

Building a Remote Workforce

Data backup and recovery is now an integral part of your company’s success. The most critical protection from IT loss is the regular, automatic backup of your systems and all its data.

Remote work isn’t disappearing anytime soon, so it’s necessary you have secure data backup as part of your disaster recovery plan. In fact, regulatory agencies may soon require all businesses to follow rules and regulations for keeping sensitive information safe and secure. Ensuring vulnerabilities are patched, and backup supervision is always running is the best way to manage your business during a disaster.


Our cloud service collects and saves all data every minute of every day. You’ll never need to worry about losing work.

Additionally, we know that new remote working requirements can be an issue for many new work-from-home-employees. There are bandwidth, security, and privacy issues that must be monitored. Now is the time for a proper security assessment from Catapult Tech Solutions.

HIPAA and finance regulations already require regular assessments, and soon these laws will encompass even more of your remote workforce business. Get a jump start now to prevent your business from data breach lawsuits or worse.

Let us update or create a disaster recovery plan for your business today by calling (317) 350-8928.

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