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Edge computing is one network change that can have an immediate affect on the speed of data transmission.

How Edge Computing Can Help Your Business

Where the centralization of old networks slows down your devices, edge computing fixes the problem. Edge computing speeds up your system, helps grow your business faster, and makes your employees more efficient with faster access to information.

Here’s how edge computing can benefit your business by keeping it safe and making it more efficient.

What Is Edge Computing?

Old networks transfer data from where the network and server meet all the way to the central network to process the information. Edge computing removes that step by computing and processing data where your device accesses the network.

Edge computing works well for building a business, but it also benefits everyone who uses technology, whether you have a smartphone or use robotic technology. It increases functionality and makes faster processing possible.


Edge computing increases device speed by processing data near the source. In doing so, it reduces the distance the information has to travel in your device. As a result, there is reduced latency in devices, putting it down to microseconds from milliseconds. Pages load faster, and people can access your content more quickly, thereby decreasing bounce rate and raising conversions.

This solution improves security by putting IT management and security in place. That makes it harder for a threat to access your whole network. Even if something disrupts a single area, it’s easier to fix that problem than the entire network. It also limits the data transferred to the central network, meaning a lower data risk for your company.

This strategy makes your business more scalable. First and foremost, it helps the network adapt faster to new needs, from traffic to more listings and other bandwidth needs.

Subsequently, you get a more versatile and reliable network with more speed, better security, and more powerful analytics to show your website metrics. Plus, it’s unlikely that any one issue will shut down your whole network the way it can with centralized systems.

What Challenges Does Working on the Edge Solve?

Edge computing works with 5G requirements, which need lower latency and more reliability. Therefore, it’s compatible with the future of technology.

In a cloud network, it reduces network unpredictability around the world. Likewise, it raises service quality and reduces delays no matter where you want to access the network. Without a doubt, it also adapts better to IoT network needs, like with artificial intelligence, which is finding its way deeper into many industries, from healthcare to hospitality.

Edge computing provides the solution businesses need to serve customers and clients better. Catapult can help you improve service and grow faster IT solutions for your business. Call us today at (317) 350-8928 to discuss your options.

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